Monday, 19 March 2007

Seasons RIP

By the time I had finished the school run and returned to Great Bickering there were snow flurries; as the younger girls are schooled in the heart of the North York Moors snow always causes anxieties. Will the snow really dump on the Moors and make the road impassable? (2 years ago a helicopter had to rescue an RAC man trapped in a 12 foot snowdrift)

The snow soon stopped and I walked into town. Monday is Market Day in Great Bickering and I dropped in to our favourite shop, previously known as Seasons, for the latest gossip. Not only does it have a great range of deli products but Seasons has a top-notch bevy of staff but it came to a sticky end a few weeks ago – expanded over-ambitiously and the directors indulged in one too many Merc and…it went into liquidation. The previous owners (in the guise of a shining new company) bid to buy it back from the liquidator but they were beaten by a couple of local entrepreneurial businessmen.

So Seasons is being revamped as……well, no one quite knows what the new name is for certain.

Another space to watch.

The backbone of the store - Jenny and Mandy - was looking harassed and overworked but I dragged them outside for a pic in front of the newly-painted but unnamed shop. Then I noticed that a couple of very loyal staff have gone AWOL and I was led into a corner away from prying ears and my worst fears were confirmed – good staff were being sacked and not replaced. This does NOT augur well.

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