Monday, 26 March 2007

Bilsdale heaven….and hell

Through ES’s 2 years at the excellent Montessori Nursery in Wombleton, we met Djamilla and later her husband, Paul – both legal eagles. Like us, they boldly migrated north from London. Like us, they have 3 children. Unlike us constant townies, they live in the relative wilds of Bilsdale Moor – great in the summer, not so great in the winter.

Yesterday, we went for a wonderful lunch at their house – it was my first visit there. With bright weather and sparky company it was a perfect day and it was finalised with a visit from a neighbouring farmer delivering 2 chocolate(-coloured) sheep to join their menagerie.

Sadly, the day had a tragic aspect. 5 minutes down the road from their house we were stopped by the cops – due to a very recent accident we were detoured an hour out of our way. A couple of days later we discovered that the
infamous B1257 had claimed yet another biking victim.

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