Thursday, 15 March 2007

Druggist, medicate thyself and....Comic Relief

I'm not feeling sorry for myself...really...but I think I've got some mild symptoms of....pleurisy, or pneumonia, maybe beri-beri. I suppose it could be quarternary syphilis or even McWhirter's Disease or if I'm lucky yeast pharyngitis or, yes....Yorkshire sheepfondlers lung!

After about 10 days of perisitent and irritating coughing I'm feeling a bit weary. If only there was some Harry Lime figure down a Great Bickering mean street - a knowing smile in the shadows, I hand over a wad of notes and receive an unmarked box of bugbusters in return. I phoned the GP instead. A duty nurse phoned back and assured me that I didn't need to see a physician - it was just a pesky virus and just keep sucking good old
Hall's Mentholyptus lozenges. Damn good jollop for the hot tub, strolling round Lidl or on the terraces.


Just in case anyone in the rest of world doesn't's Comic Relief this week and this culminates in tomorrow's jamboree around Britain.

Richard Curtis has done wonders everywhichway.....which reminds me of a swish St John's Wood party in the mid-90's which we toddled along to. Amongst the glitterati was RC and his missus, Emma Freud, who, heavily pregnant, told me that my babe-in-arms HS was the cutest she'd seen. Meanwhile SC and Curtis got into a fond reminiscence as SC's dad had taught Curtis Latin at school.
(Later, we told my father-in-law about the meeting and he guffawed that, "I didn't think that boy would come to anything")

Which leads neatly to......
In our experience there are two types of local school.........
Unenlightened and worthy school where IS and ES school - they do NOT celebrate Red Nose Day. Boohoo!
Enlightened and fun school where HS schools - they most certainly celebrate Red Nose Day. Hooorray!
Back to the important case you ain't handed over some dosh, try this here link......Comic Relief!
Give! Loads! Now! Cos that would be ...nice!

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