Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Sky’s the very limit

After lunch....(of course, it’s ‘dinner’ in Yorkshire)...the phone rings....
Fiona (VERY nice Scots voice): Hello, is that Mr Refugee?
LR: Yes.
Fiona: Hello, I’m Fiona from Sky television and I just wanted to ask you-
LR: I cancelled my sub a couple of years ago and you keep phoning me every few months
Fiona: Why was that?
LR: ‘Cos Rupert Murdoch’s a scumbag.
Fiona: (taken aback) err-hum…James Murdoch is now in charge-
LR: He’s a scumbag too..
LR: And the whole family…
Fiona: Mr R-
LR: ...have far too much power and money. So, Fiona, you were about to ask me.
Fiona: I don’t think so. (PHONE DOWN)


DBA Lehane said...

Oh just perfect! That's the way to deal with these people. I used to have a direct debit going to Oxfam each month. But every year I will change it and give to a different charity to spread it around a bit. Two days after cancelling the Direct Debit to Oxfam, one of their "sales reps" was on the phone asking me why and trying to pursuade me to come back. I told him that it was nothing against Oxfam, I just like to give to a different Charity each year. He wouldn't take this and was trying his damndest to lur eme back. In the end I had to ask him, "do you not approve of me giving to another charity then?" He spluttered a bit, tried to backtrack...and I hung up. Perfect! :)

Minx said...

Nice one.

rivergirlie said...

i so hope you really truly said this. it's the perfect response

London Refugee said...

Dear rivergirlie,
How nice of you to drop by and even nicer of you to leave a snippet.
Yes, it was TRUE - as word-perfect as I could recall.
However, as someone who was brung up proper to be rilly nice to everyone, my conscience brain cells did feel bad after the call that I been so blunt and angry to a Scotswoman who sounded pleasant but....maybe she'll be working for The Green Party or Amnesty now.