Friday, 18 May 2007

Want some sweets little girl

The phone range this afternoon and it was Mrs R from her mobile from town. The gist of her call was that there was a middle-aged man hanging around the Junior school looking furtive and supposedly “offering sweets”.

I walked up the garden to where ES, 7½, was riding her bike just to check that she knew not to go ‘too far’.
Me: I just wanted to make sure you don’t ride your bike past our lane.
ES: No, I’m just around here.
Me: Errm, sweetheart, what would you do if someone, a strange man, you didn’t know came along and offered you some sweets?
ES: (Eyes alight) Sweets!? (then a moment’s thought) Well, I‘d take them….but I would give him some money for them.

The lesson this afternoon was ‘Confectionery - and how it can damage your health’.


Anonymous said...

Its a good answer - but I would say just take the sweets and run...

London Refugee said...

I'm with you Mutley.
Licquorice allsorts, salad gums, twixes, bountys, white toblerones, jelly bellies, choco fudge....I'd grab them all and skidaddle.

However, if said gent then said "the sweets are in my car" - another avoidance response is needed.


rivergirlie said...

loud shouting is a useful skill for little children. you should timetable it for serious study at home (buy earplugs first)