Sunday, 27 May 2007

"It was 40 years ago today......

....that Tyger Hutchings took the band to play",
(to paraphrase Lennon-McCartney)
in Golders Green.

On this very day back in 1967 – just days before Sgt Pepper’s release and the impending summer of love – a group of fellow North Londoners played their first ‘live’ gig.

It began with friends Ashley ‘Tyger’ Hutchings and Simon Nicol collecting together Richard Thompson and Shaun Frater for everyone to.....

“Become converted!!! FAIRPORT CONVENTION happen at St Michael’s Hall,
Golders Green, opp Woolworth’s.
Adv. Tickets 5s. 01-883-2505”.

It's extraordinary to think that that unprepossessing band of North London teenagers have burgeoned into the pantheon of the British folk-rock legends. Forty years on, it looks like Fairport may well be around in another 50-100 years…somehow.

I have pulled my original posting so that I can dredge up some more thoughts and repost a lengthened
version in a week or so


Minx said...

No, sorry, that's too criptic for me. Is it a birthday - if so welcome to fortyhood!

Anonymous said...

Is it Sgt Pepper's fortieth birthday ?

London Refugee said...

Ohh...dear Minx,
I would like to say that I jave been in shock for 10 days at the recall of Beckham to our glorious footie team, but....I just hit a blogging hump in the road.
The Refugee

London Refugee said...

And to Anon,
It was Peper's Birthday but my full post should explain my Marie Celeste of a posting.

rivergirlie said...

so are you going to cropredy?

London Refugee said...


I'd love to go but I can't make....but therein the Cropredy legend lies another Fairport tale.