Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Where to start?

Well, at the beginning, but…not quite at the beginning; and if anyone can grasp that conundrum for a while then I'd rather answer the question....Why am I writing a blog?

I suppose for 2 reasons.

Firstly, for all of my life I've lived in a major/minor city in England, or elsewhere in the world. Then in 2001 I found myself hauling our family 250 miles northwards to the North Yorkshire market town of Great Bickering. When we arrived here I did feel that we would have a quieter, simpler life compared to the complexities of the great metropolis. 6 rollercoaster years in Great Bickering have disabused me of my naievety. My career veered from Pharmacy degree/pharmacist to music photographer to (fiction) writer for the past 25 years: but the vicissitudes of life over the past 5 years have constrained my writing. Until now. So, I'm flexing my atrophying brain cells and I hope that our experiences and my thoughts might resonate....with someone, somewhere.

Secondly, as a result of this move I have some strong opinions not only on town against country but also with the infamous north-south divide, of which more, much much more later.

Initially, I hope to construct this blog in the form of a time shuttle - from life at the present day to events over the 6 years in North Yorkshire and perhaps beyond.

So, as the Frenchies might say......On y va!

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