Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Chapters Twenty & Twenty-One – School wraps up, The village Fete

Chapter 20

The following 3 weeks of the summer involves the end of the school term, work away for Nick and occasional visits to the coast where Murphy is in his element. School is out and the next big event is...The Village Fete.

Chapter 21

The end of term is marked by a family visit to the coast and everyone in the Joshua family goes into the sea to swim – except Bella. Not even Murphy’s exhortations towards Bella will overcome her fear of water.
The Rev Julia visits Kate and asks for her input with the Village Fete. Kate suggests a fruit and veg stall of her own garden produce; and she volunteers (an absent) Nick will provide some of his photos for a stall. Julia of course is delighted.

7½ pages : 2345 words

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