Thursday, 17 April 2008

Returning blog....

...and returning swallow!
Our first swallow of the summer.
At 7.45a.m. I heard a swallow singing and looked around the garden to find the bird swooping and gliding around and then alighting on a neighbouring TV aerial. Having made that long journey from Europe/Africa (?) the swallow sat on the aerial for some minutes preening itself and occasionally singing. We now await the arrival of other swallows to inhabit our barn, garage and shed. However, there is one proviso - we have a number of pigeons 'take over' the barn during this past winter so the swallows won't have it their own way - but the swallows are more than capable at dealing with the lumbering intruders.

At the risk of being repetitive the viewing of the first swallow has been a happy spectacle of our time in Yorkshire; so much so that I can't recall having ever seen a swallow in our final 10 years in Balham - now, that would have been a sight!
(A few words of thanks for the Comments posting from Elisabeth from Chester County - enjoy your swallows for the summer ahead!)

On a comletely different subject.......
I've spent the winter working on a semi-autobiographical, semi-biographical book - the latter reflecting my involvement in music and latterly my 6 days managing Stephen Bishop's first live performances in the UK.

At present, I might back-burn this book and look at writing a children's book. All of which is fairly surprising as I said I would never, and could never, write a book. Well........
Our holiday last year in the Algarve – horribly over-rated – resulted in ES diving into the swimming pool and swimming around saying, "Look at me, I'm a ******" That one (asterisked) inspiring word gave me an idea for the children's book. And as Mrs R is the nearest and cheapest illustrator in the county, what serendipidity – an illustrated children’s book.

So, I intend to start the book, 'MURPHY THE ******' at the end of the summer.


Anonymous said...

This may sound strange, but I've just found this blog and would like to ask if you are 'NorthernRefuggee39' from mumsnet? If you are a big Hi from Barking - didn't want post this on mumsnet incase TheBee/Eva52 might see.

if not my apologies - I was searching hundreds of past threads on the perils of steiner education and another poster had linked to this blog.

London Refugee said...

YES, you have tracked down the one and original Mr Northern Refugee and you can claim your £10!

Nice to meet you Barking - Mrs Refugee has regaled me of your legendary status. When I began this blog I intended to retell our full educational rollercoaster 'up north' with particular reference to our bizarre Steiner times but....other events dragged me away last summer. I hope to blog regularly from now on.

All anthros will be hounded mercilessly on this blog with efigies of Herr Steiner and gnomejuice!

Fight the good fight!
Mr R