Thursday, 7 June 2007

A llama in the cowpat

The Scene: The sofa. Refugee Towers
The Time: Last night.
The Players: All the Refugees
The Event: Watching the latest edition of Springwatch

The island of Isla and the presenter Simon is in a field of (gorgeous) highland cattle and choughs pecking at cowpats.

SIMON: …so here we have the symbiosis between these highland cattle and the chough. Let me just look at this cowpat (prodding the pat with a twig) and come back to me in 5 minutes.


SIMON: (turning over a handful of insects in the palm of his hand) This what I’ve removed from the pat…..a beetle…a worm…a pupa…2 stag beetles…a millipede…and a larva.

ES (from the sofa): A llama!?!

Laughter from all, especially an uncontrollable Mrs R, and then…

ALL REFUGEES: (to ES) Not a llama…a larva!!!!


rivergirlie said...

can't wait for this one!

London Refugee said...

Dear rg,

I really don't mean to be...
a) tantalising
b) provocative, or
c) awaiting answers.

It's just can be SOOOO hectic here in the wilds of Yorks with all the refugees I sometimes have to just post a title so that I can then return and fill out the posting.

You've been so kind to keep looking in I'll soon put a link to your blurg which I enjoy so.

The Refugee

Minx said...

I thought there was a hole in the time/space continuum thingy - now it becomes clear.